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Salt Water & Fire is proudly a West Australian home-based jewellery brand with a contemporary take on simple elegance.


Australia is an island girt by sea, remote, rugged and teeming with natural beauty that permeates the jewellery brand, founded in 2013 by Colleen Brennan. Oceanic colours and themes predominate.

Brennan spent her childhood in Busselton, a popular coastal holiday town in the south west of Western Australia before settling in Margaret River to live in 1980.

It was clear during my youth that I was going to work with my hands; making, creating, painting, baking, crafting, upcycling and sewing, and I made numerous career changes leading up to becoming a pearl sales consultant at Allure South Sea pearls, formally Linneys of Broome, an historic Kimberley pearling town north west of Australia. This is where I learnt about the natural wonders of Australian South Sea pearls and fell in love with them.

Salt Water & Fire jewellery is designed to be worn and enjoyed every day with versatility and creativity defining each hand made piece.  My aim is to make affordable pearl jewellery so more women can enjoy them. Therefore, I have introduced Asiatic freshwater pearls into my pieces as they are far less expensive but still real and lustrous.

I am the free-spirited daughter of a shearer, farm manager, horse trainer and fisherman and do not pretend to be anyone else, my beginnings were wild and humble. Over the years I have refined my pearl expertise and I continue to be passionate about pearls. Salt Water & Fire is my work of love.

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